Explorations in Digital Learning: Commodore 64 to iPad Air

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of  a fire
Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire

Over 30 years ago, I signed over my soul to a bank to buy a Commodore 64 to write my undegrad essays using EasyScript. I paid off the loan, but I’m still hooked into the Faustian pact with technology and learning. A great deal of what I do is scattered over various platforms and systems so it would be foolish to claim that this site is either comprehensive or properly up to date. It is an effort to gather some of what I do in digital pedagogy in history and Digital Humanities in one place. Current work will be linked from here, mostly for the practical convenience of students and colleagues. Depreciated links will sink, fade and may disappear. When the volume of material requires it, there will be an map.

Now, there are a couple of WordPress installs behind here to play with CommentPress and Ivanhoe, and a Moodle, mostly for working out badges and a Scalar for writing experiments. Links will appear in due course, as may relevant posts from my regular blog, over at

Saoicht might be a real word, or it might not. In Irish, eolai is a scientist, and eolaicht is science, or knowledge. Draoi is a druid, and draoicht is magic. Saoi is a wise person, so saoicht might be wisdom, or knowledge – or it might be a modern coinage.IMG_1388 3

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